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About Literature / Professional Official Beta Tester Tara (or Cai)Female/United States Groups :iconconstructedgenesis: ConstructedGenesis
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Want to Use my Artwork?

The safest thing to do if you want to use my artwork is to contact me. You can either message me here, or email me at

Most of my artwork may be reposted as long as you link back to my account as the artist (check the specific deviantion page for more information). Do not attempt to take credit for a piece I've done. Some of my deviantions may be altered and distributed for non-commercial purposes as long as credit is given to me.

If you would like to use something I made commercially, you MUST contact me for explicit permission. If you use something commercially without contacting me first, it is copyright infringement. Likewise, if you want to use something without crediting me in the new form (such as a tattoo) you also MUST contact me first.

Commissioned pieces may NOT be used in any way, shape, or form without the explicit permission of the Artist (me) and the Patron (whoever commissioned the piece). PLEASE, if you are unclear on what this means, contact me before using any pieces.

Again, if you have questions, feel free to ask. It's better to be safe than sorry. If you aren't sure if what you want to do with some of my artwork is allowed, just ask. I'm friendly, I promise, I just don't want to have my artwork stollen.

Thank you,

Commissions OPEN

Commissions Open by SquirtleStamps Request Closed Stamp by SquirtleStamps Art Trades Closed by SquirtleStamps

:heart: :heart: Ferret Tattoo by TaraPrince :heart: :heart:

Hello to my lovely watchers and anyone else who is interested!

I have decided to open commissions again!  I work primarily in digital formant, therefore, any artwork will be emailed in the full resolution (approximately 300 pixels/inch) to the commissioner or, at the commissioners request, uploaded to deviantART.  I have a busy schedule, so I ask that you allow up to 2 months for any piece, but I will try to have them to you within a week or two of receiving your instructions and payment.  If you're working with a time constraint, contact me and I'll see what I can do to make sure you get what you need when you need it!

Thanks for your interest,

Tara Prince

Contact Information:

If you have questions please comment or note me.

You can also contact me by email at


Black and White Sketches: $15.00

:bulletyellow: Up to 2 characters.
:bulletyellow: Extra characters are $5 each.
:bulletyellow: You may choose between graphite and digital.
The Blood of Kings by TaraPrince     Chess sketch v2 by TaraPrince

Colored Sketches: $20.00

:bulletyellow: Up to 2 colored sketches/characters
:bulletyellow: Extra characters are $5 each.
:bulletyellow: You can choose thick or thin lines as well as "pencil" lines or "pen" lines (pencil lines are textured while pen lines are smooth) in the digital category or graphite (traditional).
Victor Farwell by TaraPrince       Petrichor Part Nine by TaraPrince

Speed Painting: $50.00

:bulletyellow: About three (3) hours worth of work.
:bulletyellow: Portrait or simple full body of one character.
:bulletyellow: Extra characters are $20 each.
Reuben for Kin by TaraPrince       Speed Paint Character Portrait by TaraPrince

Tribal Tattoo Designs: $50.00

:bulletyellow: Animals only
:bulletyellow: Includes 1 animal
:bulletyellow: A second commission is discounted to $25 (effectively buy one get one 50% off)
Tribal Tattoos by TaraPrince       Request for JuliannaTala Part 2 by TaraPrince

Full Painting: $100.00

:bulletyellow: Up to 2 characters.
:bulletyellow: Simple background.
:bulletyellow: Extra characters are $30 each.

Aleria and Rush by TaraPrince       Lucifer by TaraPrince

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow:Please Read Before Messaging Me:bulletyellow::bulletyellow:

(If you have comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to comment or note me)

Terms of Service:

:bulletyellow: I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason.

:bulletyellow: I reserve the right to post your commission on my online portfolio, if you have issues with this, note me privately and we will discuss it. (This goes for all discussion of rights regarding the artwork.)

:bulletyellow: I will draw pretty much anything, though I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason. I also reserve the right to cancel any commission at any time for any reason, resulting in a full refund to the Patron.

:bulletyellow: I primarily draw people with simple or no backgrounds.  You can look through my deviantART gallery if you want to see what I have previously drawn.

:bulletyellow: Depending on my schedule and other factors I may add or subtract slots.

:bulletyellow: I will keep updating the percent progress next to your icon on the journal page, but feel free to contact me if you want more detailed progress reports.

:bulletyellow: If you want something sexually explicit you MUST BE OVER 18.

:bulletyellow: Pricing of artwork is by style rather than portrait, waist-up, or full body, so you may ask for whatever you wish.

:bulletyellow: I will send you a picture of the initial sketch or pose, and if you would like occasional updates after that, let me know. I will post on deviantART (privately) the "final" piece for your approval before I send you the full resolution piece.

:bulletyellow: I will make large alterations to a detailed piece ONLY during the sketch stage.  Small adjustments can be made later, but nothing that involves huge changes.

:bulletyellow: Payments will be in two chunks. The Patron (you) will pay 50% after approval of the initial sketch and 50% before the final high resolution piece is emailed to you (but after you've approved it online).

:bulletyellow: I will send you an invoice when payment is expected. You may cancel your order at any time but there is a cancellation fee of 20% of the full price after the sketch phase and 40% after the final image has been completed.

:bulletyellow: If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to send me a note and we can discuss custom projects and prices including, but not limited to illustration, audio work, and pieces to be purchased on my Society6 Store. Inquire, also, for anything involving commercial use of my work.

What You Need To Do:

Step One: Comment below or send me a note to confirm your spot

Step Two: Fill out your contact information.

Name or username:

Email Address:

Step Three: Note me (or email me) with as much of the following information on your character as possible (for each character if there are multiples). For tribal tattoos, tell me what animal you want and what they should be doing.



Age that they look (if applicable):



Weight and/or body type:

Eye color:

Eye shape:

Face shape:


Skin color:

Ear shape (human, elf, cat, etc.):


Clothing style (including jewelry, nail varnish, etc.):

Other distinguishing characteristics (horns, scars, wings, etc.):


Anything else you can think to add:

What you want them to be doing in the picture and with whom:

The type of commission you want:

AND (if possible) reference pictures of the character:

Also, let me know if you want the picture to be a wallpaper so I can make the canvas the right size (be sure to tell me the size of wallpaper you need)

--What Next? I will guide you through any further steps via email or deviantART correspondence. I will send an invoice to you when payment is expected.

To Do List:

Slot 1:

Slot 2:

Slot 3:

Slot 4:

Slot 5:


I will do the initial sketch before payment but work on the actual piece will start after I have received 50% of your payment. The other 50% will be due after you have approved the final piece but before the full resolution file is emailed to you.

If you have questions, please sent me a note or email me at

I will send you an invoice when payments are due.

Watcher Feature

Comment here to get yours!

I'll add you to this widget and add your art to my "Featured Artists" collection so that your art is displayed on the front page. :)

Killing is in your blood.     Those same words Anger had said to him still rang in his ears, repeating itself over and over again as if he was right there saying it. Reminding him he was the killer he never wanted to be. It was more of a flashback than a reminder. No matter how hard Alex tried, he simply couldn't forget that day, the day he turned against his own kind and murdered someone right in the cell.
      Unknowingly and out of anger he had become the killer he never wanted to be back when he was in prison with Anger, his so called 'cellmate'.  He was tricked into killing some innocent person (well he believed the person was innocent) that was said to have been the one assigned to hunt Kevin and him down. Feeling the need for revenged he launched out at the assumed person and with several kicks and blows was able to end his life. It was later revealed to him by Anger that it had been a set up, all for the sole purpose of turning him into
Eternal RestAs cold as death itself
The night's breeze blew so fiercely
Its rate was incomparable
And the cold, unbearable
Not a single soul stood out that night
Everyone succumbed to the warmth of their sheets
Each closing their lids, and hoping for a comfortable sleep
Deep within the farthest region
A damsel laid with understandable hardship
Her body cold as ice but her heart as warm as the thoughts she had
She thought about him again
And this time to a point she couldn't stand
Her emotions were quite complex
They often overlapped and became difficult to keep in
She wanted to tell him so many things
So many things that couldn't be measured
She wanted to bare her soul to him
Eternally, every time they met.
The joy she felt with him couldn't be compared to others
It was as if an angel came down and brightened her dull heart
Bringing forth a blessing to fill the void within her heart
The word "Forbidden" had no meaning when she was with that blessing
And when it was gone...
All sorts of hope was lo

Features, Contests, and Awesome Things

Personal Features of Awesome Artists!

:iconrainbowd00dles: drew my characters Kina and Glen

:iconamuletshugo: also drew my characters Kina and Glen
request 7 for  ~BishonenBaby777 by amuletshugo

:icondragonofthemoon13: drew my characters Kina and Glen
Request 1 for TaraPrince by DragonoftheMoon13

Commissions, Requests, Trades, and Gifts

1: :iconivy7om:
Request for ivy7om by TaraPrince
2: :iconguardianofluna:
Request for GuardianofLuna by TaraPrince
3: :iconhyacinthley:
Request for Hyacinthley by TaraPrince
4: :iconredpassion:
Request for RedPassion by TaraPrince
5: :iconmcswizzle:
Request for McSwizzle by TaraPrince Marvel Wallpaper by TaraPrince
6: :iconberylunee:
Request for Berylune-AND-Kanaloa by TaraPrince
7: :iconmikachuattack:
Request for MikachuAttack by TaraPrince
8: :iconjuliannatala:
Request for JuliannaTala Part 1 by TaraPrince Request for JuliannaTala Part 2 by TaraPrince
9: :iconpureblood-pixie:
Request for Pureblood-Pixie by TaraPrince
10: :iconpridipdiyoren:
Request for Pridipdiyoren by TaraPrince
11: :iconbrittanyandalvin:
Request for BrittanyandAlvin by TaraPrince
12: :icongo1di1ocks:
Request for Go1di1ocks by TaraPrince
13: :iconhalloweenswan17:
Request for HalloweenSwan17 by TaraPrince
14: :icondragonofthemoon13:
Gift for Alex by TaraPrince
15: :iconapplesandbannas747:
Field Trip With Zuko by TaraPrince Mareth, Luxa, Boots, and Gregor by TaraPrince Fred and George Weasley by TaraPrince
16: :iconkinsara:
Mikhail by TaraPrince Kali for Kinsara Finished by TaraPrince Sweet Dreams by TaraPrince Nemo and Reuben by TaraPrince
17: :icona-daiya:
Yuu Kaai for A-Daiya by TaraPrince
18: :iconcrimescenetapedesign:
Entre for my psychotic roommate by TaraPrince Glovecest by TaraPrince
19: :iconspadiekitchenqueen:
Commission Part 1 for spadiekitchenqueen by TaraPrince Sketches part 2 by TaraPrince Line Art Commission by TaraPrince Line Art 2 for spadiekitchenqueen by TaraPrince Sketch 4 for Spadiekitchenqueen by TaraPrince Sketch 3 for Spadiekitchenqueen by TaraPrince Sketch 2 for spadiekitchenqueen by TaraPrince Sketch for spadiekitchenqueen by TaraPrince
20: :iconagent-mcmuffin:
Commission for agent-mcmuffin by TaraPrince
21: :iconbloodferret:
Rising Ferret by TaraPrince Awakening Ferret by TaraPrince Sleeping Ferret by TaraPrince

Original Character Features!

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 30, 2015, 5:30 PM
Paypal Commissions: Open

Point Commissions: Closed

Requests: Closed

This seems like a really nice idea to share some love for original characters!

1. For the first 10 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters I want to hear more about. (I will go to your gallery and pick one character and one picture I like, you don't need to tell me which one)
2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! I will feature you after you made the journal.

1. "Glare" by BrokenDoll777
 glare by BrokenDoll777

2. "Waiting" by DaughterRootless
Waiting by DaughterRootless

3. "Allie Conner" by Zipher185
Allie Conner by Zipher185









TaraPrince's Profile Picture
Tara (or Cai)
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Tata (me) by Kinsara!

I'm an author, student, and entrepreneur. Writing is my favorite thing in the world but I also dabble in art on occasion, primarily for the purpose of drawing my characters and worlds. As an author, my primary genre is LGBTQ+ Speculative Fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, etc.), though I occasionally dabble in contemporary romance and other genres when stories hit me.

I don't take art requests but if you want to commission me you can visit my journal.

Current Residence: Utah
Favourite genre of music: I like a bit of everything. My taste is more dependent on the song than the style.
Favourite style of art: Realistic or artistically styalized
Operating System: Mac
MP3 player of choice: iPhone/iPad (I haven't charged my ipad in about a year)
Personal Quote: Writer is more a personality trait than an occupation.

Me elsewhere:
Archive of Our Own


What type of art do you want more of? 

3 deviants said Tattoo designs
1 deviant said Character sketches
1 deviant said Full paintings
No deviants said Writing
No deviants said Other (comment)


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